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Wavetronix Moves to Lindon

Wavetronix, a Provo company with some terrific traffic sensor technology, is moving to expanded office space in Lindon. The traffic sensors can be managed from a basic Palm device. The company was named as a "top 20" technology company in Utah in 2002.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

American Fork city has a new website - a MAJOR improvement from anything they have had previously. The still lack online services. And I don't understand why they are picking up Christmas trees on January 26th. That seems a little late to me even though I still have a few Christmas lights to take down. An article in NewUtah compares the AF site with Alpine City's site.

UTOPIA will be a hot topic during the Utah Legislative session which begins tomorrow.

Several Provo residents are arguing against the implementation of iProvo's broadband network.

A new 6,000 square foot home in Park City is integrating a new type of LCD computer monitor into the windows and walls of the home - a prototype for the future.

Utah venture capitalists invest in New Mexico's Exagen.

Aradyme Development, an American Fork high tech company has hired former Siebel exec. Don Hutchings, as their VP of sales.

Aradyme Development Corp. is a "Next Generation" database platform company. It develops and distributes integrated software solutions and services that help companies manage and grow their businesses. It uses proprietary technology to rapidly build integrated database applications in a drag-and-drop environment that are more powerful, flexible and yet more affordable than today's leading alternatives. They also extract, cleanse and prepare data in a fraction of the traditional time for migration to other industry-leading database applications, regardless of the platform or schema. Aradyme-based solutions remain flexible to real-time additions, modifications and changes, allowing applications to continually evolve real-time with business processes. Aradyme is currently involved in custom application development and data migration services in a variety of government and business sectors.

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