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Jim Stewart of UEN is a deep thinker who often comes up with creative ideas. He wants to put Utah back at the forefront of networking through the creation of Utah Labs. Utah Labs would be a collaborative effort between education, military, government, and commercial entities. This is a grand idea. Let's do it. We already have the foundation with the collaboration that has been developing on the UWIN project. How about if we begin to meet online once a week and at the University of Utah or on Capitol Hill once a month. There are many reasons to do this, including Pete's work on developing regional exchange points, the emergence of enterprise IT projects under Governor Leavitt such as UWIN, eREP, and InterOp Utah, the emergence of leading edge wireless companies in Utah, and Novell's role in network development. I began my work with networks in the early eighties as we began using stuff like cross-talk and satellite communications with the Grid Compass to communicate with the Whitehouse from places like Honduras, and am looking for something to emerge that will really be 21st century.

  posted by David @ 11:09 PM

Saturday, May 24, 2003  
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