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Since I began using Dreamweaver and other web development applications, I have not upgraded my HTML skills, nor taken the time to try out many new design techniques. Mandarin Design is a weblog that helps maintain these skills. I'm testing one of their suggestions with this post.

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Saturday, March 01, 2003  

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology

UCET will hold its annual conference on March 7-8, 2003. They will discuss some great issues like handheld technology, standards, networking, integration, and software applications. The mission of UCET is to promote the effective use of technology in Utah education and to provide leadership, support, and a forum for dialog for its members.

Early this week, we met with Jim Stewart and Pete Kruckenburg who have a very good vision for where they want to go with the UEN network. The have engendered a communicative organizational structure through the promotion of individual weblogs throughout the organization. Pete has also developed the Regional Exchange Peering Forum to share ideas between people who are operationg Regional Exchange Points throughout the country. His recent post about the development of the Utah Community Internet Exchange is something that anyone interested in broadband in Utah should review.

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