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Price Wireless

A local provider has set up 802.11 hotspot coverage in Price that blankets almost the entire town. Phil Bates, IT director for the Dept. of Public Safety took a quick fieldtrip down there to see what is happening in light of our initiative to provide statewide wireless services for Utah network customers. We're making progress. Rick Gee has tested a PEAP solution that will work for the majority of users and we have reviewed the Ecutel and NetMotion products for vehicles. We're developing a contract solution for PSI. Public Safety and ITS are working closely with local law enforcement to get them onboard, with Health participating as well.

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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Utah Web Services Forum

Utah has begun to use XML, RSS, and web services in a variety of ways in its government operations. As a next step, I expect to plan an XML forum where we will present creative solutions that have been implemented in Utah government. Initially, I think that I'll include the following: Archives use of XML in identifying records collections, the use of XML and GIS by the Department of Natural Resources and AGRC, the XML solution set used in UCJIS, the use of RSS by the State Library, web services and the payment gateway by UII, and XML in public health data exchanges by UDOH. Sounds like an interesting forum. If you're on the list, expect a contact. If you're not and you are interested in attending, send me an email. If we have enough out-of-state interest, perhaps we can do a realvideo broadcast. If you are outside of Utah and have a government XML solution that you might share with us, let me know

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Jenny Levine likes to talk about RFIDs. Ephraim Schwartz says that RFID technology is about to explode.

A paper called The hidden value of Silent Commerce discusses how Associated Foods, a Utah-based company is using RFIDs in its Real Time Locating System.

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Sunday, February 02, 2003  
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