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PSAP Registry

The PSAP registry being created by NENA will be a nice resource. I learned where all our PSAPs are located during the process of coordinating the State's efforts for Y2K. Now the registry will be GIS-integrated so that you could look at a dynamic map of all PSAPs in the state or adjoining states. The coordination of PSAP activities in border areas will be facilitated by this and could be a project for NGA-sponsored Interop America.

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Saturday, January 18, 2003  

Developing Cyber Relationships in Utah

I am learning a lot about UEN and its organizational culture thanks to the recent explosion of UEN blogs. Beginning with Pete Kruckenberg, UEN has added four blogs to the blogging universe in just a few weeks. Today, Pete discusses how blogs have helped him to develop important relationships within his organization. In addition to Pete, Jim Stewart and Troy Jessup have been sharing some great stuff.

Jessup is networking his neighborhood. That is the kind of thinking that led to the creation of Airswitch and their efforts to completely wire Springville and American Fork. Wireless technology makes it even easier. Wouldn't it be cool if we could overlay a wiress mesh network over the entire Wasatch Front.

I think what I have in mind for the State of Utah and local / Federal agencies in the State is something called a MOTERAN - Mobile Telecommunications Radio and Relay Network.

Several vendors, including Salt Lake-based Hotspotzz are providing wireless access at the Sundance film festival in Park City.

The City of Long Beach is providing free hotspot access in its downtown under the banner of economic development. Imagine what we could do in rural Utah by opening up our broadband connection in, say, the UDOT shed in Hanksville - a few key residents add their own connections and you have a mesh network that blankets the town. The whole town becomes a "smart site."

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Utah Ideas

Fred Lampropoulos of Merit Medical has created a new website called Utah Ideas. The stated goal is to share ideas dedicated to making Utah a better place to live.

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