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Nextel Awarded Mobile Radio Contract

GSA has awarded a major contract for mobile radio services to Nextel. The contract is also available to federally funded state and local emergency responders and is designed to support the overall goal of improved interoperability. I have used my Nextel direct connect phone for over three years now, but we have a declining population of users in Utah state government due to problems with the coverage area.

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Monday, December 16, 2002  

Utah a hotspot for medical technology

According to MX, which publishes regular news for the medical device industry, Utah is a hotspot for medical technology and should not be overlooked by companies when considering expansion. According to their profile:

The State of Utah has about 290 biomedical companies. Together, they contribute an estimated $1.8 billion in annual revenues and $1.4 billion (estimated) to Utah's economy. To help support both existing and expanding biomedical companies, the State of Utah recently passed R&D income tax credit incentives. Contact the Economic Development Corp. of Utah via

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