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Cross-Jurisdictional eGovernment

I just stumbled across a September 2002 study on cross-jurisdictional egovernment. This should be interesting. The white paper looks at 23 case studies, such as NILS - the National Integrated Land System which involved the Utah GIS Council.

  posted by David @ 10:14 PM

Thursday, November 07, 2002  

Patents and Trademarks

The US Patent and Trademark Office sponsored a seminar last week in the Salt Lake City Library. USPTO has developed egovernment applications for filing patents and trademarks online using authoring tools that help the applicant prepare a patent or trademark specification in XML format. The site also provides a very good search tool. We should reference this site when we create our new State business portal.

  posted by David @ 9:52 PM

A Victorian eGov Resource List

Multimedia Victoria, a site managed by the government of Victoria, Australia, includes an egovernment resource center with news summaries of egovernment in Utah.

  posted by David @ 9:22 PM

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