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Security in government

Wade Billings is thinking out loud about the criticality of systems security for state government. Believe me, Wade, I think about security every day. That's one of the main reasons that I'm always nosing around in our IT shops even though they're only an indirect report. That's why I've gotten involved in Infragard and insisted that it needs to be an enterprise project. Nevertheless, our efforts are imperfect and there is an incredible amount of work to be done!

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Saturday, October 26, 2002  

Give 'em a Laptop!

In a post from this morning, John Robb suggests giving every officer a laptop and letting them blog everything. Basically, that's where we're heading, but we do need a little more structure. I just met yesterday with the new IT director for public safety in the state and he has some excellent ideas and we're making some real progress. Every PSAP / dispatch center in the state now has an XML feed. We also have feeds from over 40 local government agencies that can feed into our integrated criminal justice system that is all XML-based and allows access to multiple data sources through a single secure login. We're involving our GIS people to make this even more effective. We're developing a mobile data network that will extend wireless service to the remotest areas of the state by adding capability to our already existing microwave network sites. And we've got more interesting ideas on the table as recently as this week. We're also working with 11 other states to begin the effort of creating a national capability that extends all of this in a way that will enhance investigations tremendously.

John also mentioned a tool to add SSL to your weblog. I may be needing that soon.

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IT Decision-Making

An article in the current issue of Intelligent Enterprise restates the conclusion reached by the State of Utah during a recent IT enterprise brainstorming process:

Decisions must be made on an increasingly collaborative basis. Some of the most important capital spending decisions in the coming years will involve the intersection of strategic business objectives and IT strategy. Management decision makers and IT leaders must ultimately work together in order to survive — and succeed.

As a result, enterprise IT initiatives are all discussed by the cabinet and the governor on a monthly basis. The article continues by emphasizing the importance of communication during the process. The Governor's chief-of-staff, Rich McKeown recently met with hundreds of IT workers throughout the state over a two day period. Management is also planning to enhance communications with the legislative branch in order to increase the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Finally, the author identifies the IT team as a change agent within the enterprise. Currently, ITS - the state's central IT organization is undergoing a massive change focussed on improving customer service and reliability.

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Hack Attack

Blogger, the service provider for this weblog experienced an attack this week. Once again points out the need to keep things secure. Our local Infragard Chapter will be meeting again in November on infrastructure assurance.

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Wolf Electronix Fastest Growing

Wolf Electronix of Orem is the fastest growing Utah company. An award was presented by Governor Leavitt during the Eighth Annual Utah 100 Awards.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002  
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