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Saturday, August 31, 2002  

Don't need security in Salt Lake City?

I found that there is a 2600 organization that meets regularly in Salt Lake and discusses hacking and other such stuff. One guy named Grifter gave a talk on his experiences and advice on "dumpster diving,"

"I have found private numbers for very important people on post-its. Building security alarm codes. And my personal favorite, payroll account login and passwords. It amazes me the things people write on these little brightly colored pieces of paper. They serve their purpose for a short time and are then balled up and thrown into the trash. How many people think to shred their Post-Its."
I was wondering how to wake executives up to the fact that we need to pay more emphasis on security in a serious way. I think I've found the answer.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002  


In her 2000 State of the State address, Christine Todd Whitman said this,

But every state is making technology a priority. If we run in place we fall behind. That's why two years ago I created The Edison Partnership, a high-technology think tank that combines the best ideas of business, academia, and government.

She is exactly right. Creating a think tank can help which is why I am still excited about the potential for the Institute for State Studies. In addition, we must increase the intellectual capital and ability within government if we are able to ever make the quantum leaps envisioned by Governor Leavitt. That is why I think weblogs can help. When new vision is created it must be shared and accepted if we expect it to overcome the inertia that tends to stagnate government organizations.

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The Utah Blogging Revolution?

Dylan Tweney, reporter for Business 2.0 writes,

For now, few businesses -- apart from self-promoting independent consultants and weblog software vendors -- operate weblogs as a matter of course; Utah and Verizon are the exception rather than the rule. But as blogging becomes more mainstream, that will change. Like PCs, instant messaging, and handheld computers, your company's first blogs may well sneak in under the radar of IT, set up by enterprising employees who just want to get something done. This revolution may not be televised, but it will be blogged.
That didn't happen in Utah, but it will happen elsewhere as less-technical users discover weblogs as a communications medium. Barrio-blogger Delgado is quoted saying that there are now over 490,000 blogs with new ones added by the minute. Utah's webloggers are growing in number. Eventually that will result in increased knowledge-sharing and creativity as long as there is some degree of focus and desire by those involved. Governor Leavitt is pushing the technology issues hard and more cooperation along with enhanced communications will be critical to meet his objectives.

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Sunday, August 25, 2002  

Blogging the Enterprise

Albert Delgado does a good job summarizing future uses of the weblog.

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