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State of Utah employees who decide to accept Phil Windley's challenge to create their own weblog may be interested in a series of tutorials created by Craig Burton.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2002  

Craig Burton's Weblog

Craig Burton, who helped to found important Utah companies like Novell and the Burton Group is a weblog advocate. His weblog reports the creation of a new company called JanusLogix. The company is creating a new set of web services which they call JanusLogix Web Services Nanosystem (JWSN).

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Delta Intercorp comments on Utah's website

This is what they have to say about

Updated weekly, the pages of Utah have the look and feel of a good commercial Internet site. The focus is on keeping you informed. A comprehensive and well designed site, you can find information about the ski slopes and tourism, history, the arts, and geography. But, Utah is not called the Beehive State for nothing. The flag shows a beehive with the word industry emblazoned above it. An industrious bunch put these pages together. If you want to find out about the Business in Utah, follow their link on the front page for a fine set of pages. If all States organized their business resources this well, our pages would be easier to put together.

As I look at their comments on other states as well, I don't think these guys can say something bad about anyone.

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eGovernment Urgency Increases

Governor Leavitt signaled a new sense of "urgency" today regarding the State's electronic government initiatives. New processes and governance of IT in the State are designed to increase the velocity that egovernment projects can be completed as well as develop a stronger "enterprise" approach to the development of new online systems.

article in MSNBC
article in the Deseret News

The process will require much more integration and communication between executive leadership, IT leadership, and IT workers. The State has already implemented a product management process. With the Governor's initiative, the cabinet will regularly review "enterprise projects" which cut across departments and provide more integration and cooperation between normally quite distinct organizational units. To kick start the process, the Governor has called for vision statements, scoping documents and draft charters for 10 enterprise projects to be presented to the cabinet in September.

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Spending on Technology

People are questioning the spending spree of SLCC President, Lynn Cundiff, on technology. According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Cundiff is spending millions to upgrade the tech infrastructure at the school and putting it in a dangerous financial position. To be truly effective, the State should consolidate IT operations and support at all universities where possible and use the savings to do some of the things Cundiff has done. I don't like his move to replace Groupwise and Novell with Microsoft email, that seems wasteful, but the purchase of laptops for instructors could probably have payoffs as long as they know how to use them effectively. But you've got to start somewhere. Commissioner Foxley has commissioned an audit of the situation. Probably a good thing to review any allegations in this case... The contract with CollegisEduprise should certainly be looked into. The college certainly didn't explore all their options for managing their network some of which could certainly be much cheaper...

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Sunday, August 04, 2002  

RSS and Blogging in Utah

Ron Perry, a judicial employee in West Virginia is among a growing number of people who are watching Phil's blogging experiment in Utah. I think we can package it as part of a larger enterprise project associated with communication that Governor Leavitt has in mind.

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