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Saturday, August 03, 2002  

Digital State Survey 2002

Part II of the Digital State Survey came out this week. Utah was ranked third in Electronic Commerce and Business Regulation. That is up from eighth in 2001. Unfortunately, we were ranked 22nd in Management and Administration, down from 16th in 2001. The state was not ranked in the top 25 in the digital democracy category. There is still a lot we need to do in each of these categories. Several of the enterprise projects outlined in the Governor's new IT proposal should help us improve. One problem is that the state legislature is still resistant to openess associated with the internet and electronic democracy. They finally allowed online audio of the main session, but still could do more by added video and access to many of the committee hearings.

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Energy Official garners national recognition

Mike Glenn, who has been with the Utah Energy Office for 23 years, recently received a national recognition award from the Department of Energy.

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Governor Leavitt Restructures State Information Technology

On day 180 of the Governor's 1000-Day Plan, Governor Leavitt announced the reorganization of information technology in the State of Utah. As part of the restructuring, each cabinet level department will appoint an Assistant State CIO (ACIO). The ACIOs will have a dual reporting relationship with their department head and the state CIO. Two new positions will be created in the CIO's office, a Deputy CIO for eGovernment and a Deputy CIO for IT. The Governor also announced a mechanism for initiating and developing "enterprise projects" which cut across multiple agencies. Project charters will be approved by the cabinet and moved forward at higher velocity by enterprise project teams.

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Utah Valley Community Network

Several cities in Utah County are joining together to form a network similar to the one being proposed by UTOPIA. The UVCN has a step up on UTOPIA thanks to the infrastructure already completed by AirSwitch (now SwitchPoint). For example, sixty percent of the homes in American Fork already have ethernet based fiber in place. American Fork, Utah Valley Community College, Provo, Spanish Fork, Payson and Utah County governments already have signed onto the program while it seems that Orem and Lindon are already committed to UTOPIA. Springville is wired, being the first city to be wired by AirSwitch. Eagle Mountain is also quite advanced, building advanced communications infrastructure as part of their initial development.

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KeyLabs of Lindon

Keylabs announces the establishment of a comprehensive testing initiative for web services - eWeek

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Sunday, July 28, 2002  

Utah to Create Web Services Ecosystem

Infoworld reports that the Leavitt administration plans to create a web services ecosystem in Utah as part of the Governors 1000-day economic plan. Brent Israelson of NxLight states that the Utah Information Technology Association (UITA) will form a web services group that will foster development of web services technologies in the state. It is exciting to see UITA get behind the Governor's initiative. This is an area where the state already has a core of expertise that can form the basis of even greater development. This column will monitor and review continuing development of the web services ecosystem in Utah.

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