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Val Oveson on eGovernment
Val Oveson discussed re-engineering and the ongoing importance of electronic government in Utah at the Tech Expo. Here are a few quotes:

Referring to the eREP project,

"You'll have a Web-based environment so that when a social worker has finished working with a client, they can see all of the services available in all the departments. They can see where the client has been and hasn't been. It's a double-edged sword: It can spot abuse, but it can also spot where they're not taking advantage of resources that can help them."

On motor vehicles,

It is absurd that the Department of Public Safety issues driver's licenses and the Tax Commission registers the vehicles. Those two have interaction and have to get together.

On the legislature,

"Some in the Legislature question whether it's really cost-effective, and do we really have to do this. The answer is obviously 'yes,' and you can't unring the bell, you can't roll back the clock."

  posted by David @ 4:59 PM

Saturday, February 15, 2003  

Utah's Best

The following Utah companies received "Best of Technology awards at the Utah Valley Tech Expo.

Best Overall: Altiris
Best Small Company Technology: AtTask Inc.
Best Medium Company Technology: NextPage
Best Large Company Technology: Novell
Best Value Creation: DirectPointe
Best Educational Technology: Dynix
Best Bridge to Consumer: Power Innovations
Most Creative Technology: Arteis

Congratulations. I hope that Utah County can continue its development as a hotspot for innovation.

  posted by David @ 11:10 AM

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